Was the “Left” Steve Bannon’s Useful Idiot?

Carol Cadwalladr’s Guardian report along with several others deriving from Christopher Wylie’s disclosures form the tip of an iceberg whose dimensions are yet to be fully determined. My prediction, for what it’s worth, is that when the dirty laundry of 2016 is fully aired, the following will be taken for granted as historical fact.

1) The Mercer/Bannon/Cambridge Analytica connection will be found to have been significant and quite possibly decisive in Trump’s victory.

2) CA’s central objective was, of course, a) to actively encourage potential Trump supporters to participate in the campaign. However, just as significant, and consistent with Republican strategy since Nixon, was b) to discourage participation of core components of the DP base.

3) One aspect of 2) b) was already known and widely reported: having been provided with profiles of millions of African American voters, CA worked to discourage them from voting by feeding them “dark posts.” Among these was the youtube clip containing Clinton’s infamous reference to what were then black youth (now in their peak voting years) as “super predators” needing to be “brought to heel.”  These, likely combined with others as yet to be reported, evidently payed off in the form of low turn out among African American voters in swing states.

4) Another component of the CA voter suppression effort likely targeted the left, whose culture, as Cadwalladr’s article indicates, Bannon understands better than most leftists and is able to manipulate to serve his ends. In particular, I’d be willing to bet CA both partly inspired and worked to circulate the Bernie or Bust/Never Hillary meme while also smearing as “despicable hacks” those advocating for the Reed/Chomsky tactical participation line. Again, the result was not active support for Trump but non-participation of a left constituency which regarded itself as “under no obligation” to support Clinton.

4) means that much of the left (Chris Hedges, Paul Street, Jeffrey St. Clair, Jill Stein) was objectively doing Bannon’s work for him with the result that we now have “the most dangerous organization in human history” in a position of effectively unchallenged and unchallengeable power.  That’s at least until January 2019 when they will, we hope, lose control of congress.

It should be obvious that anyone with the slightest interest in the left’s or the world’s future needs to be working to insure this is what happens.

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One thought on “Was the “Left” Steve Bannon’s Useful Idiot?”

  1. The problem wasn’t the circulation of real information about Clinton’s racist past; the problem was that the left could not hold that information in its head at the same time as it voted for the economically neoliberal Clinton to prevent Trump’s sociologically fascist movement from coming to power. You don’t have to lie about Clinton in order to justify choosing the lesser evil, if your present choices are all unsatisfactory. That’s what some, not all, of the left did not get.

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