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Relatively recent pieces (2010-2014).



  • Parry: The Teach the Dems a Lesson Myth (Commondreams 10/15/10)
  • Halle responds (10/16/10): “A hostile attack on the left, and should be treated as such.”
  • Parry to Halle (10/17/10) “The Greens refuse to accept responsibility . . . for Bush’s presidency.”
  • Halle to Parry (10/18/10): “Completely contrary to your claim, the third party strategy has never been seriously attempted in the last 42 years.”
  • Parry to Halle (10/20/10):”To this day, many on the left . . . resist moving to address these dangerous shortcomings.”
  • Halle to Parry (10/22/10): “It is a shame that the solution you are proposing-unconditional support for Democratic candidates-is the essence of the problem.”
  • Halle to Parry (11/5/10): “Given your evident inability to address substantive criticisms of your positions, it is understandable that you have chosen to stop responding.”
  • Heads up for the Greens: Rahm Goes for the Gold in Chicago (10/5/10)
    Rahm Emanuel runs for Mayor of Chicago. Why his loss (hopefully) should be a win for independent politics.
    (Published at Counterpunch).
  • Three Portraits and a Conclusion (10/1/10)
    1. Larry Summers
    2. Samantha Powers
    3. Michael Moore
    Conclusion: The Golden Age
    (submitted to Counterpunch Poets’ Basement)
  • Congressman Murphy: Stop Waffling on Social Security (9/8/10)
    Local Democratic Congressman reveals his priorities. Plunge seniors into poverty while doling out trillions for banks and wars.
    (submitted to local rags Albany Times Union and Poughkeepsie Journal)
  • Trumka Nominated (7/24/10)
    AFL-CIO Leader heads a U.S. Labor Party ticket.
    Could it happen here?
    (Predictably unpublished-demonstrating what is perhaps at the root of our malaise: the inability to imagine that another world is possible)

Older Pieces 2001-2010

…including including those documenting my brief term as New Haven Alderman


    • Economic War on the “Lesser People”
      (published at Counterpunch)
    • Liberation Lotto!
      (satire published at Commondreams and Counterpunch)
    • Pete Peterson’s Pathological Obsession
      (Published at Counterpunch)
      Response by Kennedy Schools Archon Fung here.
    • Salazar Unleashed: Why Big Green Must Die
      (published at Counterpunch)
    • From “Yes We Can” to “No You Won’t”:
      Pushing Back on the Deficit Hawks
      (unpublished piece on the )
    • Who Got it Right?
      (published at As it Ought to Be)
    • Other Priorities: Three Lessons and Prayer
      (Long piece published at Commondreams)
    • An Elegy for Howard
      (unpublished reflections on Howard Zinn’s death-slightly dissonant)
    • Danner’s Choice
      (published at Dissident Voice)
    • A Portrait of a Technocrat: On Jacob Hacker
      (published at Corrente)


    • Requiem for Labor Day
    • Free Google!
      (unknown date)
    • Shut Down the Street!
      (unsure of date-2009)
    • Final Thoughts on the Kovel Affair
      (published at Counterpunch)


    • The Ascension of Rachel Maddow
      (published at Dissident Voice)
    • A Letter from Barack Obama
      (published at Stan Goff’s Feral Scholar, Indymedia, Stop Me Before I Vote Again etc.)
    • What is to be Done?
      (published at Dissident Voice)
    • Dennis Goes Down
      (published at Counterpunch)
    • The Democrats’ Big Bang
    • The Grey Lady in the Magic Year
    • An Open Letter to the Progressive Democrats of America
      (published at Counterpunch)


    • Run, Cindy, Run!
      Nancy Pelosi and the Farm Bill
    • Fallout from a Smear
      Norman Finkelstein and the Progressive Magazine
      (Published at Counterpunch)
    • Politics Outside the Box: An Introduction and Conclusion
      (Published at Progressive Review)


    • Who I Voted for and Why
    • Hillary Clinton Addresses her Supporters
      (published at blog Stop Me Before I Vote Again)


    • What Are You Going to Do About it, Punk?
      A Letter to Sgt. Goff
      (published at Dissident Voice)
    • Not Even Wrong
      (published at Progressive Review)


    • City Progressives Should No Longer Trust Dems
      (Yale Daily News Editorial)
    • The Tricks of the Trade:
      Integrity and the Yale Daily News
      (unpublished Halle Sez column)


  • On Comrades and Cops: A Nader Campaign Memoir

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