Technical Articles on Language and Music

On theories of the mental representation of language and music:

Paper delivered at Yale Music Department Friday colloquium.
Revised and expanded 9/22/02.

Remarks on the Cognitive Reality of Musical Representation:
A Response to Lerdahl’s “On Tonal Motion and Force”
Talk presented at: MIND & MUSIC ROUNDTABLE Columbia University
March 4-5, 2006

Language and Music 
In Cambridge Encyclopedia of the Language Sciences

Five Definitions
Requested background definitions for upcoming Ernst Strungmann Forum on Music, Language and the Brain

Articles on metrical form in language and music and the textsetting problem:

Constituency Matching in Metrical Texts
Paper delivered at the University of Missouri, Columbia Conference Words and Music 3/15/03. Submitted to conference proceedings volume.

Text, Tune and Metrical Form, chapter 1: Formal Similarity in Strophic Song

Powerpoint version of above  delivered atCambridge University Conference on Music and Language 5/12/2007. (Previous versions delivered in talks at Stanford 2002 and UCSB 2007)

Text, Tune and Metrical Form, chapter 2: Abstract and Concrete Metrical Form
Powerpoint presentation of above delivered at Tufts University Conference on Music and Language, 7/13/2008.

Four Problems In Metrical Form. Powerpoint of talk at Institute for Research in Cognitive Science, UPenn 4/3/09

Text, Tune and Metrical Form, chapter 3: What is a Mismatch? First two thirds of long chapter.

Beat Induction
(a primer written for Morris Halle and Nigel Fabb 5/2007)

Review: Dell and Elmadoui,  Poetic Meter and Musical Form in Tashlhiyt Berber Songs
(Commissioned review. To be published in Language. 6/15/10)

Columbia Dissertation

A Grammar of Improvised Textsetting
(a further development of the textsetting algorithm initially advanced in Halle-Lerdahl 1993)

with François Dell:

Comparing Musical Textsetting in French and in English Songs
Published in Jean-Louis Aroui and Andy Arleo, ed.
Towards a Typology of Poetic Forms, Benjamins, 2009.

with Fred Lerdahl:

A Generative Textsetting Model
published in Current Musicology, Fall 1993 55, 3-26.

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