The Party of Stupid: R it Us?

“Conservatives are not necessarily stupid, but most stupid people are conservatives.”- J.S. Mill

That Mill’s famous adage might need to be updated for the 21st century came to mind watching the left Sanderphobe contingent as they celebrated Corbyn’s victory.  One striking contortion is their maintenance of the criticism of Sanders for running within a warmongering, austerity imposing, public service privatizing, climate change dithering, Netanyahu cheerleading Democratic Party while all of these things, and sometimes worse, can be said about the British Labor Party.

So why the asymmetry? In some cases, it’s simply stupidity and the inability to face facts: after all, much of our domestic left, such as it is, composed of ample portions of anti-vaxxers, 9/11 truthers, pomo anti-science loons, and assorted other conspiratorialists have long since departed this planet to inhabit one of their own imaginations. (A fact I’ve noted previously). In other cases, it’s opportunism: those with institutional and sometimes professional commitments to other left groupings when faced with a candidate building a national constituency based on much of the traditional left platform confront an existential question: why invest in a fringe, marginal organization with virtually no influence on policy at any level when there is the potential for a major victory for the left-or at worst, a substantial undermining of the neoliberal consensus-at a national level by investing (at least temporarily) in Sanders?

Hawking this or that People’s Front of Judea broadsheet quickly loses its appeal when faced with that alternative. And those who are a) capable of rational thought and b) not situated within the hierarchy of those organizations will, quite reasonably, vote with their feet on the question.

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3 thoughts on “The Party of Stupid: R it Us?”

  1. I really don’t know nearly as much about Corbyn as I do about his party’s leader’s conspiracy with George W. Bush to gin up war fever against Iraq. This conspiracy is certain to be revealed, in my estimation, in the long-delayed Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war.

    If Bernie Sanders is to be taken as a man of principles, then his vote in support of Zionist Netanyahu is one of his principles. Or did Sanders succumb to great pressure and compromise himself?

    Has Corbyn similarly disgraced himself on an issue as thoroughly as Sanders has with his Netanyahu vote?

    Corbyn did not vote with his party for the Iraq war, abiding by his principles and holding out against great pressure to do so, and he now promises to apologize for his party’s war crimes.

    This is not about Sanders’ party, but about Sanders himself, and his intention to be more than a sheepdog.

    Let Sanders promise to apologize for his party’s leadership’s war crimes the way Corbyn has promised to do (if he has not already) before he is compared to Corbyn.

    Again, I have no interest in being proven correct. And for Bernie supporters, I will celebrate being proven wrong because then a great thing will have happened.

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