The Left Proceeds One Funeral at a Time

So now even the NYT is taking seriously the prospect of “Sanders win(ning) the nomination and the White House.” Maybe a good time to recall a fairly typical utterance from “the left” a few months back.

Short of a mile-wide asteroid smacking into the earth, Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic Party nominee.”

Simply put, you have a better chance of Jennifer Lawrence or Idris Elba calling you up and saying they want to be your friend with benefits than Bernie Sanders has of becoming the next president.”

And no amount of starry-eyed enthusiasm will prevent Bernie Sanders’ campaign from winding up in the dustbin of history.

Most revealing about this isn’t so much the cluelessness, but the condescension and self-regard, as if these difficult truths can only be faced up to by those capable of rigorous and serious analysis-childish Sanders supporters dismissed as delusional and unrealistic. (The attitude is, incidentally, virtually indistinguishable from that of technocratic liberals like Krugman with which this stripe of leftist shares important similarities.)

One of the many encouraging signs of his campaign is that Sanders’s support skews toward the young with those in the 17-25 range polling 80% in favor-contrasting rather dramatically with what might be called the “get of my lawn!” brigade.

Bottom line conclusion: what Max Planck claimed about about science and scientists holds for us as well.

The left proceeds one funeral at a time.

Update: Worth noting that about a couple of weeks after delivering this barrage of cluelessness on the Sanders campaign (as is now obvious), the subject of the above was crowing about his having been launched into the elite journalistic ranks whereby he can demand fair compensation for his work. He appears to be completely unaware that those those two events are entirely consistent with each other: of course those who are pay the most are those who are most ready, willing and able to manufacture the truths most acceptable to the large corporations who foot the bill for journalistic labor. That he is now receiving top dollar doesn’t reinforce his reputation for honesty and integrity as he seems to believe, it is grounds for suspicion-for obvious reasons, if you think about it for two seconds.

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