The Left is Hopeless, installment 7,329

A tweet from journalist Allison Kilkenny-who has done some good work over the years.

“Key to success: Be old and white and male and make decisions that kill lots of poor brown people.”

So let’s see, the guy who’s signing off on the drone attacks is middle aged and black, his U.N. ambassador justifying them a middle-aged, black female, the previous secretary of state responsible for massive death and destruction was a white female, preceded by a black middle aged female etc. In short, killing poor brown people is an equal opportunity employer.
It has been for a long time. Those who own and operate the political system love it when they can find young fresh faces-especially black and female ones-to do their business for them.

Why can’t we wake up to that fact?

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3 thoughts on “The Left is Hopeless, installment 7,329”

  1. Seems to me that the “left” is confusing symbol with reality. We didn’t advance a single left agenda item by electing an African-American, and we won’t fare any better by electing a white woman. The real lesson is that we cannot advance the left agenda by electing a Democrat. The left has devolved into simply reacting to the each new neoliberal assault by repeating the same tactics that have failed for the last 40 years. No one cares if we protest, even if hundreds of thousands of us show up for a day of marching and speechifying. No one cares if we get thousands of signatures on petitions. No on cares, because when the time comes to take advantage of our one opportunity to act, we will vote for a corporate, neoliberal Democrat.

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