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Greenwald: A Testimonial

A few days ago, my son asked me if I had any regrets about being a musician. I was a bit taken aback since the answer seemed so obvious: Hell no! It’s been a great life even for someone like myself who has not achieved anything like fame.

For those who have, it’s absurd to even ask the question: everyone knows that famous musicians (with few exceptions) are universally beloved. Everyone wants to buy their meals, drinks, do them favors, bask in their presence, be their friend, and more.

That is not the case for most in the labor force who work with little expectation that they will receive recognition outside of that of their peers.

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Russian “Collusion,” Clinton Lies and the Secular Priests of Neoliberalism

Last Wednesday’s Democracy Now posed a superficially vexing question to the two Pulitzer Prize winning journalists it had invited to appear on the program.

How could they have reached radically different conclusions on the recently released Mueller report?

One of these, David Cay Johnston, was not shy about offering his explanation.

The discrepancy was due to a basic difference in journalistic approach: Johnston, he claimed, was “not driven here at all by emotion. . . I deal in facts that I can prove and verify.” Johnston was distinguishing himself from the other invitee, Pulitzer winner Glenn Greenwald, who, Johnston inferred, deals in the realm of speculation and irrationality.

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