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Is Gillibrand a Whore? The Logic of Trump’s Tweets

1) In a recent tweet, Trump provoked much outrage and even tears by implying that New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is a whore.
2) Whores and senators are essentially similar in performing a fee for service transaction regarded by some as inappropriate: having sex or passing legislation favorable to the rich and corporations for money.
3) Gillibrand, like most Senators, is a whore in the sense implied in 2).
4) It follows from 3) that Trump is right in calling Gillibrand a whore.
5) His supporters understand that he is being attacked not for being wrong or for being a sexist (which he clearly is) but for saying what everyone what knows to be true, i.e. 3).
6) Liberals (and leftists) discredit themselves by making stupid and/or dishonest attacks on Trump.
7) Trump knows how to provoke liberal outrage and that he benefits from it.
8)  He will continue to issue these sorts of tweets, triggering the same process, until Democrats smarten up and realize that they lose by playing the game.