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Earth To Dems: Stop Talking Russia. Start Talking guns.

Why shouldn’t the Democrats make Trump’s supposed “collusion” with the Russians a major focus of their 2018 and 2020 campaigns?

Short answer: Because winning elections requires focussing on issues which matter to voters. This “issue” does not.

Long answer: Even if the charge were true, namely, that Trump’s campaign obtained information from Russians either in or outside government to gain advantage over his rivals, it would matter little to the overwhelming majority of Americans. That’s because they already know that elections are manipulated and largely owned and operated by a billionaire class. Whether their addresses are in the Arbat and Khamovniki districts of Moscow or on Park Avenue makes no difference. In either case, the government works for them, whereever they are housed, and against the public. Democrats focussing on alleged manipulation of elections by the Russians while being a willing participant in the manipulation of elections by its major donors will be seen as hypocrisy-a confirmation of the poll result that “Democrats believe in nothing other than defeating Trump and the Republicans.”

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