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The Enver Hoxha Prize

It’s my great pleasure to announce the initiation of the Enver Hoxha prize for Marxist/Leninist obnoxious lunacy. This year’s prize goes to a DFL, the administrator of a “non-partisan Marxist (Facebook) discussion group.” Where’s the obnoxious lunacy in that, you may ask. None at all of course: here’s where it comes in.

Upon attempting to withdraw from the group-which I had been signed onto (unrequested, needless to say), he immediately reenrolled me. This was repeated on THREE subsequent occasions. By creating this Roach Hotel of the ultra-left (“you can get in, but you can’t get out”) DFL embodies the sprit of Enver Hoxha in a way which one would not have thought possible in these benighted times.

Take a bow DFL! You are this year’s proud recipient of the Enver Hoxha prize for Marxist/Leninist obnoxious lunacy.

Urime të ngrohtë!

Also, worth mentioning is the contents of the discussions which make a near perfect complement to this kind of offensive stupidity-thus nicely linking style and substance. In this capacity, the efforts of participant JR should be noted. who criticized Socialist Seattle Councilmember Kshama Sawant for “bragg(ing) about how well she has ‘worked with'” other council members on local on living wage and rent control ordinances. Needless to say, Sawant should be ashamed at having any achievements to her credit. If she were a real socialist, like JR and his cohort, she would have none whatsoever. That’s what real socialism is about after all. Doing nothing for anyone! We should have long since learned this, and no doubt my enforced membership in the group is to teach me this important lesson.  Thanks JR. Thanks DFL.

There was, as might be expected, stiff competition for the prize, as there always is from the alphabet soup of Trotskyite sects some of whose efforts I have had occasion to mention previously. Sorry guys. You came up short this time. But the Sanders campaign is providing numerous opportunities to display your remarkable capacities, honed over many generations, for driving away socialism’s natural, albeit much fetishized, constituency: the “working class”. I have no doubt your efforts will pay off.

Keep your shoulder to the wheel, comrades. I know you will!