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Greta Thunberg’s Magic Word: Strike!

For some of us who were there, Friday’s Climate Strike brought back memories of Feb. 15, 2003 when one to two million of us flooded the streets of New York City.

It was a huge organizational success, over 3000 groups collaborating to bring together what remains the largest demonstration in history.
But our pride in accomplishing what we did should not obscure the bitter truth: we failed.

“When the people lead, the leaders will follow,” we told ourselves.

But they didn’t.

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Will MIT Move Beyond the Koch Era?

In separate open letters circulated on August 23rd, MIT President L. Raphael Reif referenced two of MIT’s major contributors.

In one, Reif expressed gratitude for David Koch’s “longstanding devotion to the Institute”. In the other, Reif issued “a profound and humble apology” for accepting the contributions of Jeffrey Epstein.

Both Koch and Epstein, as should be obvious, left the world a significantly worse place due to their presence in it, though most would agree with the results of this informal poll that Koch was “responsible for more human suffering.”

This point was soon reinforced by Hurricane Dorian slamming into Continue reading Will MIT Move Beyond the Koch Era?