A (Dissenting) Left Top Ten

Ten pieces from the last year expressing left views much of the official left evidently doesn’t want to hear. Or, to use their words (albeit usually behind my back), these are the views of a “crank.”

Whether that’s so I’ll leave that for you to judge.

Thanks to all who have read this blog and for the occasional encouragement which I have received over the year.

1) The left is correct in comparing where we find ourselves to the Weimar Republic, but they apply the wrong analogy: The tragedy of a greater evil far right victory, here now and in Germany then, resulted from their and our failure to make use of the ballot box to head it off.

2) Of what is now easily over 100 men taken down by #metoo activism, only one or two are Bernie Sanders supporters.  The great majority were in the Clinton camp.  This is not a coincidence.

3) Contrary to Naomi Klein and Opal Tometi’s assertion,  advocacy for reparations (as Adolph Reed insists), is entirely consonant with the objectives of neoliberalism and hostile to those of the left.

4)  Clinton’s nomination, while correctly described as “rigged”, was not a foregone conclusion. Unions could have pushed Sanders over the top.  They chose not to.

5) Despite its defining itself vis a vis its contempt for them, the radical left mirrors Clintonite neoliberal technocrats in their shared hatred and fear of working class whites.  This is not their only similarity.

6) The Vietnam War was not  “begun in good faith, by decent people” as Ken Burns claims now, nor were they engaged in “blundering efforts to do good” as Anthony Lewis suggested then.

7) Denouncing and/or ridiculing others for their taste in music is neoliberalism applied to the aesthetic realm.

8) Some left celebrities owe their celebrity status to their being fools and opportunists, and then make the left look ridiculous by their antics. This is a problem we need to address.

9) The major difference between Clinton 1992 and 2016 inheres in the group designated as “deplorables.”  Then it was “super-predators”.  in 2016 it was working class whites from the flyover states.

10) The number 187 should be kept in mind by MSNBC talking heads uncritically passing on repeatedly debunked stories of Russian hacking.

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