Open Letter to AFT President Randi Weingarten

Dear Randi,

Thanks for letting us know about the likely horrors of a Trump presidency.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t need to be reminded.

That is why we worked tirelessly for the Sanders campaign. We did so not only because it offered the best hope in generations to take back the political system from its capture by big business, big money and those who serve it. We supported Senator Sanders because he was a much stronger candidate than Secretary Clinton with numerous head to head polls showed him beating Trump by wide margins in the general election.

Had Sanders been the nominee, we wouldn’t be needing to raise the spectre of a Trump win to get working people to the polls. They would flocking there based on a genuine enthusiasm for a candidate who was passionately and effectively championing their interests.

Alas, by strong-arming the AFT’s endorsement for a multimillionaire corporate Democrat, you and other labor leaders destroyed this hope thereby exposing us to the grave danger of a Trump presidency which we are confronting now.

Because of you and other union executives, rather than moving forward on worker rights, wages, and the environmental crisis we will, at best, have four years of neoliberal drift and even this least worst option is by no means assured.

You owe the members of your own union and all working people an apology. And so do all union leaders who made the tragic decision to reject Senator Sanders groundbreaking candidacy.

Yours Truly,

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