“No problem, it’s only Chomsky”

Nathan Robinson writing in Current Affairs, a bright light in the increasingly dim left media landscape, reliably cuts through the bullshit dispensed in Caitlin Flanagan’s New York Times review of Tom Wolfe’s clueless and slimy hit on Chomsky.

Will Flanagan even acknowledge Robinson having demonstrated the utter absurdity of her charge? Alas, to ask the question is to answer it.*

For any other public figure, the tiniest misattribution of a birthplace or birthdate, faulty capitalization or failure to properly hyphenate a last name is cause for much tsuris at the Grey Lady.

When it comes to Chomsky, different standards apply: no claim is too patently false, no smear too vile to merit a correction or retraction.

A corollary proposition is the bleacher full of tract quoting Leninists (hipster and old school), lunatic accelerationists, and unreconstructed propagandists of the deed who have, for generations now, attempted to refute the left common sense for which Chomsky serves as the most effective exponent.

Recent months have brought a spate of these, many of them referencing Chomsky’s supposedly waning mental prowess, others referring to him as a corporate whore, a sellout or engaging in “despicable hackery”. Will apologies be forthcoming?

On a related matter, Jacobin today runs a silly and illogical attempt at discrediting a longstanding Chomskyan position.

Will Jacobin solicit a response to the positions it is attempting to legitimate as left conventional wisdom-despite Chomsky’s decades of having patiently demonstrated why they are anything but?

Or will it have any second thoughts when it deploys Chomsky’s name for its next fundraising appeal.

No. It’s Chomsky we’re dealing with.

No problem.

*Flanagan resorted to twitter to dispense an embarrassing non-acknowledgment here.

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