Nancy MacLean on Impeachment Mania

Historian Nancy MacLean, author of the soon to be classic Democracy in Chains, appearing on Jon Wiener’s Trump Watch

“I would urge the left to slow down on impeachment because you get (Koch supported) Mike Pence then. And he would be a lot more competent at pushing through (the Koch) agenda.

“Pence is one (Koch supported) person who’s already there, Mick Mulvaney his budget director is another coming out of  network, Mark Short comes from five years as the head of Freedom Partners which is a Koch donor operation.

Scott Pruitt the head of the EPA, Noami Rao, you go through the list and at every key place there are people associated with this radical right donor network who are calling the shots and doing radical policy changes.

“So while we’re all focussed on Trump’s latest tweets, these people are pushing (them) through.

“So I’m urging people to experiment and try a week where they don’t focus on Trump himself, and they starting finding out what radical changes are being pushed through in his administration. Because I really believe that (he) is the classic con man: he stretches an arm out and catches your attention with something while meanwhile out of your view all these other things are happening. In the EPA, in the courts, in the labor department where the Koch agenda is going through.”

The next segment on Wiener’s show?  Yet another on Trump’s Russian connections could leading to his impeachment.

Oh well.

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