McCarthyite Hack Attack on Stein: A Win-Win for the Dems

The DP establishment attack on Jill Stein as a Putin stooge serves various purposes. Among them it

1) Distracts from the abject incompetence and venality of the Democratic establishment and their role in rigging the primary in favor of their preferred candidate Ms. Clinton-with the catastrophic consequences we are now attempting to somehow cope with.

2) Distracts from the “Putin stole the election” narrative now quickly collapsing along with the numerous lies and distortions which they have perpetrated in order to attempt to establish it.

3) Situates at the center of the left opposition to the DP not only a painfully weak candidate (as attested by her embarrassing vote total) and an utterly dysfunctional organization (the Green Party which in 40 years has managed to acquire less than .01% of elected offices) but more fundamentally a moral witness philosophy of political engagement which has proven to be strategically disastrous for the left.

4) Tars those who do the unfortunately necessary job of defending her from Mccarthyite smears by associating them with a feckless candidacy thereby reinforcing the widespread view of the left as irrational, unserious and needing to be kept miles away from governance on any level.

In short, a win-win for the Democrats and for Stein. Which is why they are happy to assume their roles in the charade.

That doesn’t mean we need to play the game, however.

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