Maximum Punishment for Nina Turner!

According to a tweet from journalist David Schuster, key Sanders delegate Nina Turner’s failure to endorse Clinton resulted in her being “blocked from introducing Sanders, prevented from appearing on stage and humiliated” by the DNC.

For Sanders’s supporters, the first reaction, an understandable one, is to get mad.

But a more sensible reaction, as it always is, is to get even. Not right away, but when the opportunity presents itself.

With that in mind, it is worth imagining that the shoe were on the other foot in 2016.

Suppose it was Clinton delegates who, as they almost certainly would, refused to endorse Sanders.

We would want to have the harshest possible sanctions available to us to deploy against their inevitable sabotage.

And I trust that we would be thrilled to use them.


Of course, many will say this is a fantasy: Sanders forces didn’t have a chance in 2016 and they won’t anytime in the foreseeable future.

But that’s a mistake, and it’s a particularly serious one since it prevents us from learning what is the major lesson of 2016. And that is that that by lining up on the wrong side, a relatively small number of key organizations and their leadership were, individually and collectively, responsible for Sanders defeat.

As I’ve noted before, the most important of these was organized labor who, according to Gawker’s Hamilton Nolan, “fucked up” in not supporting Sanders.

Had they endorsed early and put their institutional muscle behind Sanders rather than Clinton, it is almost certain that a seven to eight percentage shift at the polls would have resulted in Sanders victories in all of the key battleground states.

And had that occurred, we would now have outraged Clinton supporters protesting and booing. And we, with Nina Turner herself as the Convention Chair, would be using the full weight of our institutional power to have them forcefully ejected, sending them packing back to their corporate lobbying shops, white shoe law firms, think tanks and, ultimately back to the Republican Party where they belong.

Imagining that that was not so far from reality in 2016-and indeed could be the reality in 2020 should be an inspiration.

That this is not out of the question is also apparent from what is now the reality in Great Britain.

With Corbyn having taken over the Labor Party, the vile Blairites who have run Labor into the ground are being weeded out and disposed of by folks like us.

Their opposite number, the neoliberal Clintonites could be eradicated over here in more or less the same way.

That delicious prospect is a reason to keep on keeping on, as the saying goes.

I am and I hope you are too.

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3 thoughts on “Maximum Punishment for Nina Turner!”

  1. I never expected you to become as “realignmentist” as you now sound, John.

    Anyway, if things were reversed, I’d say “let the Hilbots boo.” Let them lose the vote and then walk out into the waiting arms of Gary Johnson or whomever.

    And I agree on organized labor. But I always expect most of our labor “leaders” to get it wrong.

    1. I suppose my actual view is that this is one scenario among several. Another would be an authentic third party convention, which would be inspiring in its own way, but would lack the delightful theater of the neoliberals getting their comeuppance.

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