Idiot Left: Neoliberal Edition.

The Daily Beast’s Michael Tomasky and Kurt Eichenwald are two  Clinton surrogates who helped to saddle us with a candidate under FBI investigation with the lowest approval ratings of any Democratic Party nominee in history and whose loss they were blindsided by.  It should come as no surprise that they are now trying to defend their indefensible role and that they are flailing away wildly at Sanders and his supporters in a desperate attempt to salvage their remaining credibility.  For both, their defense rests on the supposition that nominating Sanders over Clinton would have been been a mistake since he would have been a sure loser.  It is a “delusion” to believe otherwise, so we are instructed.

According to Tomasky, Sanders winning the primary would have been disastrous since it would have triggered the entry of former NYC billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg into the race. No doubt for Tomasky, a long time apologist for the Democratic Party’s corporate/billionaire wing, this would have posed a problem.  But for Sanders and his supporters, it would have been a dream race for we would now be opposing not one but TWO billionaires. Sanders wouldn’t have had to say anything in his stump speeches. All that would have been necessary is for him to mount the podium and laugh and everyone would know what he was talking about.

For Eichenwald, Sanders’s inevitable loss would have resulted from the devastating effect of Republican opposition research he claims to have seen, though anyone following the race had known about the stories from the very beginning when they were first aired by Sanders’s antagonists in the Democratic Party. Among the items is a four decade old fictional essay in which Sanders describes the rape fantasy of one of his characters. According to Eichenwald, this would have torpedoed Sanders. Why? Apparently “values voters” would have fled in horror to, get this, a candidate who bragged about committing multiple sexual assault on tape less than seven years ago.

Over the past few months, I’ve advanced the category of the idiot left to apply to ultra left opposition to Sanders and then their small but possibly not insignificant role in  electing Trump.

Tomasky and Eichenwald provide me the pleasure to announce, ladies and gentlemen, a new category: the idiot left,  neoliberal edition.

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2 thoughts on “Idiot Left: Neoliberal Edition.”

  1. Been reading your posts all year. Have much respect for your analyses.

    I’ve heard the argument that given Trumpism’s neofascist potential, and given that some of Hitler’s liberal opponents tried to ”work with him” in the early phase of his power, Sanders and Warren talking about being willing to work with Trump on the things they agree on – IF Trump really means it (which they seriously doubt) is a grave error. The argument is that we have to fight the fascist Trump 100% with absolutely NO accommodations or compromise from start to finish if we mean to head off the kind of nightmare Trump may bring.

    In light of that argument, how do you view the public stance Sanders and Warren seem to be taking?

    1. Thanks very much for reading and your kind words. New post addresses these issues. Bottom line, while I’m never comfortable following leaders (and none of us should be) in this case I’m prepared to defer to Sanders’s judgment on how best to proceed.

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