Getting Mad and Getting Even: What Bill Knows

In a recent CNN appearance, Van Jones suggests that Bill Clinton “knows what he’s doing” by blowing a tune on the “super predator” dog whistle. But he fails to answer what it is. Here are two things Bill knows.

1) He knows that Alicia Garza and others in BLM disparage “mainstream politicians” (including Sanders) and regard elections as no more than a “corrupt game.” Consequently, they didn’t register to vote or devote their energies to helping others to do so. And, having made that decision, they now have no influence on the only thing that matters to Bill: whether Hillary is able to obtain an electoral majority.

In other words, Bill knows they can’t get even, they can only get mad. So he’s snickering under his breath as he baits them. Jones is too clueless to see through the charade.

2) Bill knows-or thinks he knows-that Hillary’s got the nomination in the bag, so he’s rolling out the November triangulatory strategy, again expecting to peel away Republican moderates by offering a slightly less aggressive variant of the racist victim blaming the other side is offering. Of course, by doing this, he is moving the political center towards something alarmingly similar to fascism.

Likely, Bill understands this.

Does he care? Hard to say.

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