Election 2020: Caitlin Johnstone and Left Pyromania

In a widely reposted piece, Caitlin Johnstone informs us of her

“promise to unequivocally and unconditionally do every single thing in (her) power to sabotage the candidacy of whatever pro-establishment presidential candidate the Democratic party tries to run . . . in 2020.”

Having advocated the same electoral strategy in 2016, Johnstone’s position is consistent.

But unlike others assuming it, she makes no effort to deny the atrocities of the anti-establishment administration she helped elect, climate change deniers in charge of the EPA, the emboldening of far-right hate groups, tax cut to billionaires and corporations, 13 million forced off of health insurance, federal waters opened to oil exploration, the impending deportations of 250,000 El Salvardoran immigrants, etc.

Rather she simply declares that she does “not care what Donald Trump (will have) done by” 2020, the suffering of millions of much less concern to her than the prospect of having “plenty of fun” in “find(ing) every scrap of dirt (she) can find” to “ruin” establishment candidates.

Aside from its unusual honesty, it is also revealing that a piece on anti-establishment candidates includes not a single mention of the candidate the establishment itself went into overdrive to defeat in 2016, namely, Bernie Sanders.

In this connection, it’s worth recalling that back then, while she was not one of them (edited 1/15) , many of Johnson’s follow arsonists were doing the establishment’s work for it-ridiculing Sanders as a “sheepdog”, gleefully passing on David Brock manufactured smears of his supporters as racist and misogynist Berniebros.

No doubt they will pick up from where they left off in 2020 mocking those such as Nina Turner, Rose Ann Demoro and Katie Halper working to build up the organizational capacity required to seriously oppose to the establishment.

Johnstone, whose twitter followership, she breathlessly informs us, “increased by 1000% over the last year,” clearly speaks for some in her enthusiasm for left pyromania.

Her doing so is a reminder that the left has often been a refuge for loons and cranks.

But their parading under our banner doesn’t mean that we need to hold our tongue.

When they attempt to spread their infection, basic intellectual hygeine and political common sense requires that it be forcefully repudiated.

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