Bernie Lost. Here’s How to Deal with It.

Berniebots are not going to want to hear it, but the fact of the matter, is that Hillary did “win” the debate in the only way that matters: as polls have clearly indicated, she was perceived as having won not just by media pundits but by the overwhelming majority of those who saw it.

Rather than deal with this reality, the left has responded, typically and depressingly, by claiming a conspiracy involving CNN’s corporate ties to the Clinton campaign, allegations of deleted comments from Sanders supporters, pundits

In addition to coming across as foolish and ridiculous, by adopting this line the left obscures what should be the most import lesson from the debate which was how Clinton won the debate.  She did it the old fashioned way, as I pointed out previously, by lying: copiously, shamelessly and with complete assurance knowing that she would not be called out on her lies by the media or by Sanders himself who has interpreted his strategic decision to run a positive campaign as allowing Clinton’s lies to pass unchallenged.

If the Democratic Party base fails to view Clinton’s lies as consequential-dishonest campaign rhetoric to obscure her longstanding sleazy role as a servant of corporations and the wealthy-she will coast to the nomination.

Those who are sufficiently aware of the facts need to expose Clinton’s lies for what they are. That goes for Sanders’s most enthusiastic supporters who believe that they don’t need to do so: that Bernie’s message is sure to catch on and that it will be sufficient to counteract Clinton’s total domination of all of the institutional structures of the DP (not to mention her virtually unlimited funds). The fact is that Sanders remains a long shot, and those who fail to see this are fooling themselves.

And that goes for those on the left who rationally, or more commonly otherwise, view Sanders with contempt. If they think that an unchallenged continuation of four decades of neoliberal governance in the form of a Clinton II administration will constitute anything other than a planetary catastrophe they are deluded too.

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