Area Man Turns 60. Will No Longer Tell People What to Do


Area Man Turns 60. Will No Longer Tell People What to Do


3/24/19 12:30 PM

Red Hook, NY—Declaring that upon reaching the age of sixty he would no longer tell people what to do, Bard College Conservatory Music Theory Professor John Halle announced an event to ambivalently commemorate the occasion.  Others are invited to join him.

The event will take place at the Bito Auditorium of Bard Conservatory at 12:30 P.M  (Please note: TIME CHANGE!) on March 24th.   Attendees are invited to a reception at his house in Red Hook beginning at approximately 3 PM.

Former and current students, colleagues, friends and acquaintances are encouraged to participate by contributing a performance of a piece of their own or others, readings of 19thcentury anarchist tracts, obscure monographs on the philosophy of language or epistemology. Also welcomed are polemics attacking or defending the core premises of Halle’s politics and aesthetics, insofar as these are understood.

A selection of Halle’s works from 1982 to 2019 will be performed by Halle at the event.

These will include Invisible Hand (1996), a quintet, featuring trumpeter Hugo Moreno, alto saxist Adam Siegel, bassist Nick Edwards and percussionist David Stevens.   Two solo piano works will follow, Standard Deviations I (1983) and Towerology (2019) written for Halle’s colleague and friend composer Joan Tower,  Then, two ragtime pieces Rozology (2002) and Bookend (2011) will display  the talents of violinist Matthew Woodard and violist Marka Gustavsson.  The final piece,  Many Returns (2005) will feature Marka and the violinist Helen Baille.

Asked why he will no longer tell people what to do, Halle responded, “because there are better ways of getting things done.”

He (and Marka and Ben) hope to see you all.

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