Angela Nagle on Contesting the Alt-Right

From Angela Nagle’s appearance on Doug Henwood’s Behind the News:

“Whatever your feelings about free speech and violence, part of your political project must be to convince people of your position. And I feel that too many people on our side feel they are above actually doing that because they’re around people who agree with them.

“As a result people become intellectually lazy and they don’t know what to say when they are challenged.

“So, to give one example, Milo was often on TV talking about the wage gap. Liberal British feminists would go on (with him) just taking it as a given that women are payed less than men for the same work and so on. And he would say with absolute confidence ‘this is a total myth’ . . . and the problem is that there is truth to what he is saying. That’s not the nature of the wage gap-that men and women are being payed differently for the same work. But it’s also a position that makes no sense because he’s also saying that it’s not because they’re women but because they get pregnant, (and) of course they’re a connection between them getting pregnant and being women.

“And those women were totally not ready for that challenge. Because, to them, anyone who would question this is just a total idiot and there’s no point in even doing much work thinking about it or being prepared to be fundamentally challenged.

“Far too many people on our side think they don’t have to argue for anything and haven’t really questioned basic assumptions.”

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