An Endorsement

An Endorsement

There is only one candidate
In the 2016 Presidential Election

Who can be trusted.

And that is the Green Party’s Jill Stein.

Her statements are without exception
Free from grandstanding,

Political calculation or tainted by self-interest.

Her campaign staff as well
Can be assumed without question

To be acting entirely based on moral principle
And deep spiritual conviction to achieve
The greatest good for the greatest numbers.

Indeed, the same can be said
of every Green Party candidate

Past, present and future.

To suggest otherwise
Would be an outrage.

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4 thoughts on “An Endorsement”

  1. People should vote for Stein (although she might not even be on the ballot here in Pennsylvania) unless the election is close and their state is a closely contested one. (As Pennsylvania will probably be) Then they should cast a vote that most effectively prevents Trump from winning the state. This will still give the Green presidential candidate 95 percent of the votes they would get without this strategy, and maybe prevent a Trump election.

    I hope that you or anybody else submitting comments will not angrily attack me for this perspective a I am attacked on other blogs/news sites.

    Ny view is that Green Party’s (and any other “third party’s”) presidential runs are an enormous waste of resources that suck all the energy out of the organizing they should be doing the other three years of the four-year cycle of these extravaganzas. They really needs to work at the local and state level, and get at least one or two members in the US Congress first before they engage in presidential elections.

  2. But also, I am troubled by the absolutism of your comment – you are coming very close to suggesting that any criticism of a Green Party member is to be considered “an outrage”. It is also based on opinions on claims of knowledge of inner motives and integrity of people – something that can never be known by another person.

    For example even with Hillary Clinton or Trump, I keep my criticism to their specific statements and policy positions (and for Trump, his Mussolini-like poses and faces) which can be objectively evaluated and critiqued. Assigning unsavory motives for a behavior is completely subjective and I have had to learn to avoid it and deal with poeple on good faith.

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