A Vote for Clinton is a Vote for Trump

While I didn’t watch the Republican food fight last night, it is reported that Trump pledged not to touch Social Security. If that’s so, that makes at least three issues on which he will be able to sell himself to working/middle class voters should he compete against Clinton. Clinton, it should not be forgotten, has been a longstanding advocate of SS “reform”. The others are her support for the Iraq War (Trump opposed it) and NAFTA (Trump opposed that too).

The obvious fact of the matter is that Trump will wipe the floor with Clinton on these (and likely other) issues. So the bottom line is if you want President Trump, nominate Clinton. That’s called “pragmatism”.  Bizarre, though typical, that the usual cadre of DP hacks have managed to affix that label to themselves.

C. Wright Mills’s “crackpot realism” is more like it.

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