A Tale of Three Towers

While I have yet to see anyone making the exact comparison,  it’s pretty hard to ignore that the #grenfell and World Trade Center infernos are similar, if not not identical in many respects. The most crucial one seems to me that both were products of ideologies with a network of supporters. Our immediate response to 9/11, as we all remember, was to directly attack this network-in locations where we understood it to be. It follows therefore, that insofar as neoliberalism was the direct inspiration for the catastrophe we have just witnessed, bombs should be falling on the University of Chicago economics department very soon.  Or at least a Navy Seal hit squad assembling at the offices of The Economist.

That’s a joke of course. But in a figurative sense, it would be a wonderful thing if we could finally view this despicable philosophy of life-one which has been dominant throughout almost the entirety of my adulthood-as rubble in the rearview mirror of history.


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