Who Am I?

John Halle

Pianist and composer John Halle’s musical career began in the late 1970s as a jazz musician in San Francisco where he performed with Eddie Henderson, Sonny Stitt, Mark Levine, Freddie Hubbard and many others. He has also performed works by Bach, Beethoven, Ravel and Debussy in Berkeley, New York, Cambridge in solo recitals as well accompanying for his wife, the violinist and violist Marka Gustavsson and his son Benjamin, a double bass player.

A widely performed composer, he is a founding member of the composers collective Common Sense. Halle’s recent works include Amen Choruses, released on violinist Julie Rosenfeld’s Grammy nominated New Music for Violin and Piano, the critically acclaimed Sphere(’s) for the Friction Quartet and, most recently, Street Music for the Mana Sax Quartet. 

A prolific writer on music, politics, and culture, his work has appeared in Current Affairs, Jacobin, New Politics and the New Haven Register.

Halle recently retired from an academic career which included faculty positions at Yale and the Bard College Conservatory of Music. In this capacity, he taught some of the younger generation’s most celebrated composers including winners of the Pulitzer Prize and Academy Awards.

He is currently embarked on a fifteen city tour where he will present and discuss his own works for solo piano as well as works by Bach Debussy and Errol Garner.
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