The Left and Sanders: Six Arguments for Critical Support

1) Greens and other third party advocates are wrong in thinking that by attacking Bernie Sanders, they put themselves in a better position for the general election and after.

2) That’s because the stronger the Sanders candidacy, the more the Democratic leadership’s inevitable attempt to destroy it will look like a coup.

3) The more it looks like a coup, the more likely Sanders supporters will view the Democratic Party as the politically and morally bankrupt entity it is.

4) And Sanders supporters will be more inclined to see the need for building a 3rd party and possibly support the Greens and other independent left formations subsequently.

5) On the other hand, if the Sanders candidacy peters out, the inevitable Clinton victory will be seen as legitimate. Greens should work to prevent this.

6) Bottom line: Greens and others on the independent left should support rather than undermine Sanders, positioning themselves to pick up the pieces after the crash.

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One thought on “The Left and Sanders: Six Arguments for Critical Support”

  1. 1)The winner of the election will be one of the two wings of the institutional corporate party known as Republican Party and the Democratic Party. No one will be shocked by the result of an election that extends this trend into the indefinite future.

    By the Gilens and Page study, policies supported by the bottom 90% of the people will have near zero effect on legislation. In my opinion, this holds for the administration of government as well.

    To pretend otherwise would be an act of bad faith leading to greater demoralization of a demoralized population.
    All hope for change within the two-party institution should be put aside in favor of the liberational unburdening lightness of despair. Stop pushing the rock that won’t be moved. Stop acting as if liberation from these parties will follow from strategic conformity and compliance with their campaigns.

    2) Those who haven’t noticed the past decades of Democratic Party indifference to the interests of voters it claims ownership of are unlikely to notice and change their opinion of it in the post-primary seven month lead-up to the election.

    3) Past experience shows the failure of candidacies will be seen by Democratic Party primary voters as the candidate’s failures rather than the result of a coup. Their faith is unshakable. Democratic Party members are committed a Democratic Party win rather than taking a chance at getting what is really needed.

    See response to item 2).

    5) The paid supporters of the Democratic Party will be able to dismiss their support as justified by the money earned. The unpaid supporters will be unable to dismiss their support without experiencing the pain associated with cognitive dissonance of holding conflicting beliefs.

    See Leon Festinger’s work on cognitive dissonance.

    6)Those demoralized by the defeat of Sanders are unlikely to do more than passively accept as inevitable whatever scraps the Democratic Party deems they are deserving of.

    Or stay home on election day, as nearly 50% of eligible voters will do.

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