Can we please just cut the bullshit? The Democratic Primary is about one thing: class. As the overlapping black and blue regions in the pictures above show, all things being equal, rich people vote for Clinton. Everyone else votes for Sanders.  We knew that already in New Hampshire where exit polls indicated that Clinton’s only majority support came from voters with incomes above $200,000.

Why is the concept “We are the 99%” so difficult for some to understand? The answer, of course, as Upton Sinclair put it, is that their wallets prevent them from understanding it.

Now, a brief digression on the on the apparent contradiction offered by Clinton’s overwhelming victories in the south mainly due to the support of African American voters. Two things to keep in mind. First, while we don’t know who is voting we know very well one significant class of potential voters who are not, namely, felons subjected to temporary and even lifetime disenfranchisement, disproportionately those who were locked up due to the Clinton supported Crime Bill and War on Drugs. Over 5.3 million, a very high fraction of them African Americans have lost their right to vote based on these statutes-and they have the Clintons to thank to a large degree.  Would these voters have swung Sanders’s way? It’s hard to say, though it seems pretty unlikely that they would support the woman whose stigmatizing them as “super predators” has something to do with their having been put behind bars in the first place.

Second, while Democrats routinely get on their high horse about Republican voter suppression efforts, anyone who has been involved in local politics knows very well that the Democrats have their own form of voter suppression which is that they make very little effort to register voters and sometimes even block efforts to do so. The reason is simple: it gives those voting blocks they have control over disproportionate influence. One of these in African American communities are the churches whose congregations will obediently pull the lever for whatever Democrat the pastor has cut a deal with (often in exchange for some kind of payback by local government).

While I can’t say for sure this is what went on in the south, it is something I saw with my own eyes when I was involved in local politics in New Haven and I have no doubt that the Sanders forces were well aware of this dynamic in the south and likely explains why they didn’t bother to challenge it, knowing that they would be sure to fail. Of course, the great geniuses on the left are attributing this either to Sanders’s woefully unsophisticated electoral strategy (for which he should, of course, be taking lessons from a left which has succeeded so brilliantly in winning elections over the years, as we all know) or is taken as proof of Sanders as the closet white supremacist we all know him to be.

Yes of course, “left”.  Whatever you say.

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