Earth to Left: Success Succeeds

One of the major virtues of the Sanders campaign is that it forces the New York Times and the agenda setting media to take notice of what it usually ignores and trivializes as a marginal and insignificant left fringe. Now they can’t afford not to mention it it, though when they do, the most significant facts are often hidden away in the last paragraphs.

This was the case in Amy Chozick’s piece on last night’s debate.  The key passage:

For Mrs. Clinton, the key question should not be whether she received generous checks from Wall Street, but whether she did their bidding in return…

Mr. Sanders, eager to avoid suggestions that he is making personal or gendered attacks on Mrs. Clinton, did not bother to directly answer the question…

But almost instantaneously, his campaign blasted out a “fact check” to the news media that included an excerpt from Senator Elizabeth Warren’s 2003 book, “The Two-Income Trap,” in which she accused Mrs. Clinton of shifting her position on bankruptcy legislation when she became a New York senator to appease her Wall Street donors, a charge Mrs. Clinton has denied. “She could not afford such a principled position,” Ms. Warren wrote. “Campaigns cost money and that money wasn’t coming from families in financial trouble.”

This has been Sanders’s strategy from the beginning: avoid direct attacks in public fora then circulate “fact checks” exposing Clinton’s lies for those who want to get their hands dirty with the details.

Much of the left, it should be recalled, was and still is screaming at Sanders’s refusal to go on the offensive: rather than expressing his admiration and respect for Clinton, according to them, he should be outing her as a corporate stooge and mass murderer.

Maybe so, but can you really argue strategy with a campaign which made up a 40% deficit in the space of a few months in Iowa and is now poised to score a landslide victory in New Hampshire? Are you really so arrogant to think you would have done better?

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