Selected responses to the Open Letter to the Establishment Left

Selected links to discussion surrounding the Open Letter to the Left Establishment.

Signatories Glen Ford and John Halle discuss the letter on Black Agenda Report Radio.
Listen here.

Vague and vaguely critical column by Meredith Tax in Guardian (London)-brief exchange with Tax in comments.

Segment on KALW (San Francisco) radio program “Your Call” featuring signatory Dahr Jamail and pissed off recipient Bill Fletcher.
(According to host Rose Aguilar, Thomas Frank was originally scheduled but withdrew.) Audio here 

Michael J. Smith at Stop Me Before I Vote Again weighs in. Ultra-left critics slapped down in comments by the awesome Ms. Xeno:

Frontlines of Revolutionary Struggle offers unconditional support-viva la revolucion!

An Open Call to the “Left Establishment”: Break with Obama Now! Support the People’s Struggles!

Derogatory ultraleft blather from odd vaguely Marxianish sect:

Amusing praecis of basic argument from Irregular Times:

John Caruso exhorts readers of A Distant Ocean (a superb blog, by the way) to sign on to the letter.

The awesome Ms. Xeno jumps on board in a big way.

Lots of signatures came from this discussion on Democratic Underground.

Very rare intelligent criticism (maybe only instance) from blog History is a Weapon:

Wherein the letter is judged to be “Not worthy of serious discussion” by “anti-state communists”.

Again, various “revolutionary leftists” attempt to locate their asses and elbows in relation to the letter:

In this discussion group please find Marc Cooper condemning “respectable” signatories for associating with disreputable types such as Louis Proyect and nobodies like you and me. A hoot! Note: the list was chosen strategically to elicit this kind of response from fools like Cooper.

Unknown (to me) organization called Islam Policy offers passionate Koranically based support. Allah akhbar!

Peace and Freedom party weighs in in favor-and asks some reasonable questions for which the answer is basically “yes.”

Open Letter recipient Bill Fletcher’s response on Portside. Note that portside did not run the letter, nor is the letter linked to in the posting.

Informative article from an alternative weekly in Ocean Beach, CA:

A similarly informative piece from the Independent Voter News service.

Public Theology offers support-based in scripture:.

Socialist Worker provides a quick plug.

Letter as reported in the American Conservative.

American Conservative’s Jack Ross gives us props-along with a critique.

Znet (presumably on the initiative of the Znet Zndanov Michael Albert) disappears the letter which they had posted from their archives.
Note: will return a blank page.

Znet posts Fletcher’s response-Albert claims he was “fooled” by letter. Znet readers aren’t buying it and say so in comments.

They’re even talking about it in Utah.

World Can’t Wait likes us. (And we like them too!)

The Transsexual community offers unambiguous support.

Signatory Allison Kilkenny passes on the letter to her readers.

Thirty one Maoists have at it trying to figure out what it all means (with a special guest appearance by the ubiquitous Carl Davidson):

Wise words here and here from Failed Empire.

The Cahokian is “not sure if he’s ready to sign on”. It it’s any help-we’re proud to be D list left celebrities (at best) too!

Evidently, we’re not one of the Kewl Kids according to AlanSmithee.

Green Party Watch is watching, as they should be.

Signatory Michael Yates strikes some powerful powerful chords of agreement and adds a few of is own. Superb piece. Carl Davidson slapped down (yet again) in comments.

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