Max Sawicky on Coates/Reparations

Mother Jones runs Max Sawicky’s perceptive critique of Coates by  here. covering some of the same ground as Adolph Reed’s appearance on Doug Henwood’s Behind the News last week (transcribed in the previous posting). The one basic difference is Reed assigning the basis for Coates’s rejection of universalist redistributive schemes in favor of race specific mechanisms as “a class politics”, namely that of the “black (and other color) professional managerial class” functioning as “the black shock troops of neoliberalism”.

Noting this raises two questions. 1) Is Reed correct to make this connection and 2) is it politically useful to point to “careerist” motives of those attacking a left program, even when they are obviously a significant factor.

Fwiw, I’m fairly sure Reed is on solid ground with 1). 2) I’m less sure about, though my gut instinct is that Reed’s take no prisoners approach is also what is mostly likely to be most effective in the long run.

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