From Adolph Reed: Support Taj Mahal Workers

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Dear Carl Icahn,

The recent vote by union members at the Taj Mahal Casino to authorize a strike has prompted us to write to you in the hope of averting a costly work stoppage.

Today in America the gap between rich and poor has widened to a point not seen in decades. As Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz and his co-author recently wrote:

The American economy no longer works for most Americans. We pride ourselves on being theland of opportunity and creating the first middle-class society, yet profound and largely overlooked changes have put the middle-class life increasingly out of reach for the majority of Americans. At the same time, we have enabled a small percentage of the population to takehome the lion’s share of economic gains.1

You have observed yourself,  “I think there’s too much of a divergence between the very wealthy and people who haven’t had opportunities.”2

We agree. This inequality threatens the democratic principles upon which this nation was founded. The solution to the problem is not to eliminate the benefits that enable workers to gain a foothold in the middle-class and allow their children a platform from which they can afford to go to college and follow the American Dream. Yet this is precisely what you have done when you decided to cancel health care and pension benefits at the Taj Mahal Casino. Almost 2,500 Taj Mahal workers, some who have worked there since it opened, lost their health insurance on January 1, 2015. A recent survey of 500 union members at the Taj Mahal indicates that 44% have no insurance and an additional 23% are relying on government-subsidized health insurance.

The solution is to strengthen the middle class in the same way that it has been strengthened since the New Deal and the National Labor Relations Act that supported workers’ rights to organize and bargain collectively—through decent wages and access to health care and secure retirement for working people.

Right now, you have the opportunity to set a standard for employers, not just in Atlantic City where you pulled $350 million out of the Taj Mahal in the last five years, but throughout the country. Are you going to try to make a few extra dollars by cutting people’s salaries and benefits and provoke a strike in the process, or are you going to invest in your workforce, and by extension the next generation, by providinga livable wage and benefits?

Workers at the Taj Mahal Casino are fighting for an America with less inequality. We support them and call on you to invest in the future by investing in the workers.


John MacKay Yale
David Sanford Mount Holyoke
Catherine Liu UCSB
Nikhil Singh NYU
Andrew Hartman Illinois State
John Costa U Utah
Eric Fink Elon University Law School
Carl Schimmel Illinois State
Mark Lause U Cincinatti
Stephen Taylor UIUC
Julie Rosenfeld U Missouri
Anthony Galluzzo Colby College
Karen Miller LaGuardia College (CCNY)
Luke DuBois Brooklyn Tech
Barbara Partee UMass
Sumanth Gopinath U Minnesota
Chad Pearson Collin College
Jason Eckardt CUNY Grad Center/Brooklyn College
Stephen Phillion St. Cloud State University
Rosemary Feurer Northern Illinois University
Wahneema Lubiano Duke University
Noam Chomsky MIT
Sylvain Bromberger MIT
Martin Bresnick Yale
Joseph Lough UC Berkeley
Carl G. Estabrook UIUC
Michael McIntyre DePaul

1 Joseph Stiglitz, “Rewriting the Rules of the American Economy,” The Roosevelt Institute, p.7.

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  1. If there is anything that green party candidates in New Jersey could do to assist in this fight for these workers please reach out to me.

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