Four Thoughts on the Sanders Campaign

1) It is not a question of whether the Democratic Party establishment will attempt to smear and destroy the Sanders insurgency if it manages to get more of a footing but how they do so.
(This has, of course, already begun, see, e.g. here and here.)

2) If past history is any indication (c.f. the Dean scream, Hymietown, etc.) the smear campaign in 1) is almost certain to be successful. Though they might not have to use it. (See 3).

3) Related to 2), according to two reputable press accounts, the NY State Democratic Party will not allow Sanders to compete in their primary. If that is so, Sanders won’t be able to acquire enough delegates for a win, and the campaign is effectively already over. (Does anyone have any information on this point? If so, please post it in comments.)

4) Once the campaign is over-either sooner or later-the question becomes what it always has been: In which direction will Sanders supporters (i.e. the principled left in the DP and outside) channel their activism? Will they be able to form a Syriza style insurgency. Again, history does not make one optimistic, but this time could be different.

Who knows? Of course, it’s the only question which matters.

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2 thoughts on “Four Thoughts on the Sanders Campaign”

  1. your piece appeared on counterpunch
    you realize that counterpunch has often portrayed Sanders as a running dog ? (to use some 60s terminology)

    you realize that even today the official sanders website has , under issues, nothing – literally not a single word – on an foreign policy at all ?
    how, even in todays issue light world, can you be serious if you are not in foreign policy ?

    PS: the dean scream was not a smear job; people i know – liberals – got turned off; that was dean
    PPS: since sanders has zero chance of winning, why is his campaign not a total waste of time, simply the delusions of an old man ?

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