Controlling the Sanders Infection: The Times’ Second Front

Having done its part to demolish the Sanders campaign, today’s New York Times opens up a second front working to undermine the follow up organization designed to mobilize Sanders’ 14 million supporters to continue the insurgency the candidacy began.

In fact, as they are probably aware, the primary then and the election now should best be seen as a side show. Whether Sanders’s post-election organization, Our Revolution or something like it, does or does not get its footing is what really matters–to us, on the one side, and the plutocratic class, on the other.  They will do everything in their power to ensure that it does not. And that includes routine hit piece such as this attempting to strangle it in the crib.

As a side note, it’s worth mentioning that elements of what I have been referring to as “the left” were just as hostile to Sanders as the right from the beginning.  Part of their game involved aping the Clintonites in uncritically passing along corporate media talking points and smears.  This was no exception:  Various “leftists” gleefully forwarded this based on their hope that the Sanders mobilization will go down in flames.

It should by now be obvious that both “the left” and the right share the same agenda: to prevent the development of a viable left alternative politics.

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