6. Homage



Marka Gustavsson violin, Adam Grabois Cello, Conor Brown Clarinet, Amy Garapic Percussion

Narrators, Corey Dargel, Margaret Lancaster, Conor Brown, Eileen Brickner, Kyle Gann, Marka Gustavsson, John Halle, Kyle Gann

Recorded in Red Hook NY,  Bard College, July-August 2013.

Text: Mortality list from Iraq Body Count and U.S. Department of Defense.

Nazar Younis Khalil, Ibrahim Ali, Walid Zamil Karim, Salaman Hamash al Mousawi, Raed Ahmed, Chibish al Jibouri, Muhabir al Hussein Ali, Yousef Ali Hussein, Youris Yones Omar, Hassan al Sirhan, ArkanAli,

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