4: God’s Love

God’s Love



Lucy Dhegrae, vocals,

John Halle, keyboards,

Conor Brown, bass, drums.

Recorded: Red Hook, NY August 10-21, 2013.


His name was Tim McVeigh he was a Green Beret

and he was dying to save the world

from what we saw through the glass

before they slipped him the gas

he sure believed that it was so

but he didn’t believe

what he saw on the news

and he didn’t believe

what they had taught him in school

because he only believed in God

And so he called a friend

who agreed that the end

was coming to the Caucasian race

and they decided to plan

a way to bring back the domination

of the white Christian faith

and they didn’t care

about the kids that they maimed

and they didn’t care at all

who they sent to their grave

because they believed in God

Because they believe in God

they see  the world in in black and white

without color or shadings

because they believe in God

they see only evil

in those who won’t accept  as gospel

what they take on faith,

Because they were believers

they never doubted their right

to judge who’s guilty or innocent

because they believed that divine retribution

awaits those who refused to follow

what it was they believed to be God

And so they took in their  hands

the job of punishing man’s transgressions

with the fire of God’s wrath

and the consequence of

their view of what God’s love

meant for us sinners who in their path

was the cold blooded killing of innocent children

in a bible belt state’s

main federal government building

and he went to his grave

believing in God.

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