A short reflection on the venerable Orwellian subject of why I write these sorts of pieces.

I was going to say that I write what is on my mind, but that's not really true and I've always been annoyed by the implicit self-indulgence behind that justification. 

Rather, I write things which I feel 1) need to be said 2) which few people seem to be saying and 3) regardless of whether people want to hear it.

It follows that I have no expectation that what I write will be at all widely read.

As is the case for many of us who toss our sentences into the either which is the internet, I can't guess within two orders of magnitude. 

That said, occasionally an indication appears that the numbers are much larger than I would have imagined. 

For example, a site I've never heard of called "The People's Record", apparently quite widely read, picked up this piece. As you will see, at least 75 people indicated they read it and many of these forwarded it. Other sites indicated that they did the same. So what are the numbers 100? 1000? 10,000? Not sure, but enough to justify the trouble it takes to churn them out.

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