John Halle: Political Writings 2002-2010


Economic War on the "Lesser People"
(published at Counterpunch)
Liberation Lotto!
(satire published at Commondreams and Counterpunch)
Pete Peterson's Pathological Obsession
(Published at Counterpunch)
Response by Kennedy Schools Archon Fung here.
Salazar Unleashed: Why Big Green Must Die
(published at Counterpunch)

From "Yes We Can" to "No You Won't":
Pushing Back on the Deficit Hawks
(unpublished piece on the )

Who Got it Right?
(published at As it Ought to Be)
Other Priorities: Three Lessons and Prayer
(Long piece published at Commondreams)
An Elegy for Howard 
(unpublished reflections on Howard Zinn's death-slightly dissonant)
Danner's Choice
(published at Dissident Voice)
A Portrait of a Technocrat: On Jacob Hacker
(published at Corrente)
Requiem for Labor Day
Free Google!
(unknown date)
Shut Down the Street!
(unsure of date-2009)
Final Thoughts on the Kovel Affair 
(published at Counterpunch)

The Ascension of Rachel Maddow
(published at Dissident Voice)
A Letter from Barack Obama
(published at Stan Goff's Feral Scholar, Indymedia, Stop Me Before I Vote Again etc.)
What is to be Done?
(published at Dissident Voice)
Dennis Goes Down
(published at Counterpunch)
The Democrats' Big Bang
The Grey Lady in the Magic Year
An Open Letter to the Progressive Democrats of America
(published at Counterpunch)

Run, Cindy, Run!
Nancy Pelosi and the Farm Bill
Fallout from a Smear
Norman Finkelstein and the Progressive Magazine
(Published at Counterpunch)
Politics Outside the Box: An Introduction and Conclusion
(Published at Progressive Review)

Who I Voted for and Why
Hillary Clinton Addresses her Supporters
(published at blog Stop Me Before I Vote Again)

What Are You Going to Do About it, Punk?
A Letter to Sgt. Goff
(published at Dissident Voice)
Not Even Wrong
(published at Progressive Review)
City Progressives Should No Longer Trust Dems
(Yale Daily News Editorial)
The Tricks of the Trade:
Integrity and the Yale Daily News
(unpublished Halle Sez column)
On Comrades and Cops: A Nader Campaign Memoir