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Composer/pianist/polemicist John Halle’s reflections on politics, music, musical politics, political music, language, culture and the arts.

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  1. Thanks for the nice article on counterpunch.org.

    It seems rather obvious from reading your article, but relying on outside groups for money to fund the party appears to be a fatal flaw. In this case, its not the Koch Bros but labor unions.

    Perhaps once that might have been ok, but its rather obvious by this point that the official American labor movement has become essentially a company union. One simply does not see them fight for workers any more. Instead, every slimy pro-war, pro-banker Democrat seems to have a stack of union money behind them and ranks of union leaders willing to endorse them. Thus, little or no surprise that this is the lever used to get the WEP in line supporting the same Reagan Democrats that the union’s support these days.

    Any real populist movement is going to have to be grassroots based. And that means in terms of money as well as in terms of energy and support. Only then will such a grassroots movement be able to stay true to the cause of the people in the movement. Its harder that way of course. No nice checks rolling in to pay the salaries of the supposed leaders of the movement. Instead, more work on more fundraisers and more bake sales. But, its the only way.

    1. Sorry. I think I mistakenly trashed this when you posted it on the other thread. Repost it and I’ll let it through. (Just getting the hand on this blogging thing.)

      I agree with you entirely, of course. Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. When you frame a dialectic upon the premises of Chomsky, you fall every time into the traps set by capitalist framework itself. In the example of “leftism(elitist/anti-rational)” versus “science(humanistic/all-loving)” you create a mythological universe in which scientists can’t get with the program because of personal inabilities to tolerate vaccine haters. In truth – and I think this is widely understood outside of academic circles – the scientists, not even the evil CORPORATIONS, figured out what toxic mush would be pumped at high pressure into the sub-strata to accomplish fracking, the s, the scientists proposed the salt mines in which to underhandedly store the inevitable detritus, the scientists figured how to coat the artillery shells with depleted uranium, the scientists worked assiduously to cover up the deformed children, the scientists created the drone and devised means by which to use it as a weapon… and then they had the audacity to present themselves as the benefactors of humanity and the apotheosis of decency and rationality.
    I had assumed that, by now, despite all the Chomskys, educated humans would have figured out what Einstein did, and that his status as genius is based solely on Hiroshima, and that his theories of relativity, however interesting, would never have earned him even a decent living.

  3. I see that Prof. Chomsky has requested that he not be sent responses to your article on Lesser Evil Voting. On behalf of the unsigned author of this polemic however, I want to make sure this gets to your attention:

    “A Response to Noam Chomsky and John Halle:
    We Don’t Need “Lesser Evil Voting” OR “Third Party Voting”
    We Need to Overthrow this Whole System at the Soonest Possible Time!”

    Here’s the correct link:

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